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Archive for September 2018

Five Pictures That Show How Climate Change Is Impacting Earth

These pictures show how devastating human activity has been to our planet. Record-breaking hurricanes have affected millions of people across North and Central America, devastating floods have taken away millions of homes, and wildfires on the west coast have wreaked havoc on the lives of millions more. The natural disasters of 2017 have raised a lot of questions about human involvement and the…

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Fall equinox: what you need to know about the first day of autumn

  WHAT IS THE AUTUMNAL EQUINOX? Autumn days come quickly, like the running of a hound on the moor. –Irish proverb The autumnal equinox—also called the September or fall equinox—is the astronomical start of fall in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere. Why is it called an equinox? The word comes from the Latin aequus, meaning “equal” and nox, meaning “night.” During the equinox,…

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National CleanUp Day 2018

Our Story One day. One planet. One goal. Millions of people in 150 countries uniting to clean up our world, in the biggest civic action in human history. On 15 September, volunteers and partners worldwide will come together to rid our planet of trash – cleaning up litter and mismanaged waste from our beaches, rivers, forests,…

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Elite Futsal at World Intercontinental Futsal Cup 2018

Elite Futsal Utah

  Success is no accident, it is HARD WORK… And hard work was exactly what Elite Futsal Utah did during the World Intercontinental Futsal Cup (WIFC) that happened in Bangkok, Thailand in August 27 to September 2. According to Concacaf.com “Elite Futsal is no stranger to excelling in Futsal’s top competitions. The team has been competing…

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