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Archive for November 2018

Advantages of being an Eco-Friendly Business

The benefits of an environmentally friendly business Running an environmentally friendly business helps to reduce the impact on the environment and preserves natural resources. Your business can help the environment in many ways. For example, you can: use products that reduce your reliance on natural resources (e.g. rainwater tanks, solar hot water systems) use products…

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How to keep yourself safe from wildfire smoke

wildfire smoke

With the recent and sad news about the wildfire in California, an important subject to be discussed is how can we keep ourselves safe from wildfire smoke? Even if you don’t live or work near a major fire, you can still be affected by smoke particles in the air. So, what’s in that smoke, and how…

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5 Ways to Express Appreciation on Veterans Day

veterans day

  Veterans Day is an important day for showing appreciation to members of our military, past and present. If you’re looking for an appropriate way to honor a veteran in your life, or would like to contribute in a way that’s meaningful for veterans everywhere, here’s a list of suggestions to start you off.    …

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