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Elite Futsal at World Intercontinental Futsal Cup 2018

Elite Futsal Utah

Elite Futsal Utah team


Success is no accident, it is HARD WORK… And hard work was exactly what Elite Futsal Utah did during the World Intercontinental Futsal Cup (WIFC) that happened in Bangkok, Thailand in August 27 to September 2.

According to “Elite Futsal is no stranger to excelling in Futsal’s top competitions. The team has been competing over 13 years and has won five U.S. national titles in the open division and a whopping 10 national titles in the over-35 division, plus several youth titles.”

The Intercontinental Futsal Cup is held every year and FIFA organizes the tournament.

This year, our players went to dispute the Futsal World Championship Title in a tournament that brings together the best of the best of 5 continents with 6 teams.

Filled with energy and excitement, the National champions in July 2018, Elite Fustal, with their 14 players, played with all their hearts and ability in the championship.

“There were 3 games played by Elite Futsal, in which we lost the first two for the best teams in the world, non other than Barca Lassa (Barcelona) and Magnus Futsal (Brazil) – team of the legend FALCAO” – said Ricardo Fuchs the team’s Director.

falcao magnus

Falcão (Magnus) and Ricardo Fuchs

Elite Futsal won the third game against Atletico Los Angeles and the goals scored were made by Milinton Calderon (2) and Ricardinho Sobreira (1).

The game was well played and the score well deserved. Elite was in 5th place out of 6 teams.

“We made history today” – said Fuchs. “No American team ranks better than last place in years… and we were 5th, penultimate place.”

Elite Futsal was even happier when they found out they were the winner of the Fair Play award, a FIFA recognition of exemplary behavior that promotes the spirit of fair play and compassion in association football around the world.

fairplay team 2018

Elite Futsal winner of the FAIR PLAY award

We also want to thank Alex Parra, President of US Futsal, for the opportunity and immense support of US Futsal.

Alex Parra, US Futsal President

EcoBrite Services is honored to sponsor Eliste Futsal Utah Team. The 3 Fuchs brothers are passionate for soccer and for a long time they support this team. Go Elite Futsal! Go EcoBrite!


Ricardo, Renato and Ray Fuchs

This was an incredible year for Elite Futsal. We look forward to what next year will bring us.

Eliste Futsal victory (3-1)

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