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Training Management Support is a necessary condition to success. EcoBrite Services knows effective training must be developed and conducted with its final customers in mind – your customers and team members. That is why we see management, content, logistics, technology, objectives and follow-up as fundamental aspects of our training program.

Classroom and field training programs provide not only intensive start-up skills, but also a series of individual and group meetings, seminars and workshops focused on the challenges faced by the building contractor and his or her customers.

This comprehensive program assures systematic learning and on-going interaction with the latest trends in our industry. At EcoBrite Services, we invest in education because we know it pays off in bottom line results and lasting success.

Operations Management System

Planning & Organizing


Start Up

  • Contracts
  • Employees


  • Management
  • Crews


  • New Account Start-Up
  • Employee Orientation
  • Subcontractor Orientation
  • Customized Routine
  • RBSM Certification
  • EcoBrite Technical Certification
  • EcoBrite Management Certification
  • Monthly Training Meetings
  • EcoBrite Quarterly Seminars


  • New Account Start-Up Checklist
  • New Employee Checklist
  • 6 Day Training Module
  • BSCAI Literature
  • EcoBrite Technical Tests
  • EcoBrite Management Tests
  • Suppliers
  • EcoBrite Training Manuals

Leading & Controlling



  • Crew
  • Suppliers


  • Contract Specs
  • Equipment

Customer Care

  • Feedback
  • Solutions


  • Inventory Control
  • PMI's
  • Employee Evaluation
  • 3-Phase Training
  • Compliance
  • Safety & Security Training
  • Bonus Plan
  • Customer Survey
  • Quality Standards Follow-Up
  • Customer Feedback



  • Inventory Checklist
  • Employee Evaluation Form
  • New Job Discipline
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Bonus Plan Guidelines
  • MSDS, OSHA Publications
  • Rewards & Incentives
  • Work Orders
  • Service Checklists
  • Quality/Safety Inspection
  • NPS (Net Promoter Scorer)
  • Monthly Quality Grade
  • Plan of Action Guidelines
  • 24 Hour Service Letter


CleanTelligent is the leading janitorial service software. It is trusted by the top companies to build and preserve relationships among professionals who hire cleaning services and their suppliers.

The software is adapted to smart phones and tablets so users have access to their data anywhere, at any time.

The more freedom a company has with its operations, the easier it is for employees and management to meet and exceed expectations.

EcoBrite strives to offer the most effective tools of our industry. For that reason, we understand that CleanTelligent is the best solution for our customers.


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